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Commands to play Uno

Commands to play Uno
Photo by Colin Davis / Unsplash

We have a Uno Bot running at #games on our server. To play the fun game Uno, please join #games. Below are the basic commands you need to know to play the game.

Bot commands:

!unocmds command list
!remove [nick] remove [nick] (or yourself) from the current game
!unowon [nick] show score for [nick]
!unotop10 top10 scores
!unotop10 21 top10 blackjack winners
!unotop3last   last month's Top3
!unofast monthly fastest game record
!unohigh monthly high score record
!unostats this months records
!unorecords all-time records
!uno start an uno game
!stop stop uno

Removing someone other than oneself is limited to channel ops.

Commands during play:

jo join an uno game
od   show current playing order
ti     show current game running time
ca re-display and sort cards in hand
pl play a card
cd    show current top card
tu    show whose turn it is
dr draw a card
co change color
pa    pass to next player
ct     show how many cards each player has left
st card stats

Examples of card play:

to play a blue 4 card: pl b4
to play a red skip card: pl rs
to play a yellow draw two card: pl yd
to play a wild draw four card: pl wd