Basic iRC Commands

Here are some basic iRC commands one needs to know to use in a chat room.

iRC interface on iRCPal is very simple to use. You just have to provide a nick so that others can identify you and press enter to join the chat room. However, once you are in the room, you may want to do certain things, like change nick, identify with a password, or perform certain other tasks. For those, learning the basic user commands will come in handy. Some of you may be selected to become an OP, short for Operator in a channel. In which case, learning the basic OP commands will help you carry out your duties as an OP.

User Commands

Syntax: /nick newnickname
Changes your online nick name. Alerts others to the  change of your nick

Syntax: /ns register password
Registers your online nick name. The nick must be in use for at least 30 seconds

Syntax: /identify password
Allows you to identify yourself to services to continue using your registered nick

Syntax: /ghost nickname password
Recovers your nickname if someone else is using it or you got disconnected due to internet

Syntax: /join channel1,channel2, …
Allows you to join channels. Using the /join  #channel1,#channel2,#channel3 will allow you to join  more than one channel at a time. For general users, currently the channels we have are, #bangladesh  and #help for help and support

Syntax: /QUIT reason
Causes you to disconnect from the server. If you  include a reason, it will be displayed on all channels  as you quit


Op Commands

syntax: /chanserv voice #channel nick, /chanserv devoice #channel nick, !voice nick, !down nick
Gives voice to a specific user of a specific channel. Voice commands are specifically useful during flood attacks, although chance of happening that is rare. Please use this to encourage users to be more active on main. If any voice user is not active on main please use devoice command. If there is iRCPal bot present in the room you can user !voice command to voice a specific user and !down to devoice them.

syntax: /kick nickname reason, !kick nickname reason
Kicks a specific nick out of the room. However use of KICK is highly discouraged and should be used as a warning to rectify behavior. Please do not kick any user without a valid reason. !kick command requires iRCPal bot to be present in the channel.

syntax: /ban nickname reason, !ban nickname reason
Bans a specific nick. Like KICK, use of BAN is also highly discouraged and should be only used as a the last resort . Please do not BAN any user without a valid reason and a warning. !ban command requires iRCPal bot to be present in the channel.

These are the THE MOST BASIC commands you need to know to moderate a channel. If you are selected as an OP, you are encouraged to learn the ChanServ commands thoroughly.