Chat Rules

Basic guidelines and expectations from users on iRCpal chat server.

This protocol is meant to address to all the people who are included in the staff panel and are cordially requested to read through and maintain the discipline, we all seek your cooperation regarding for the betterment of our room, and thereby the following are requested to be take into attention, please note that we are not imposing any restrictions or not asking anyone to abide by rules, just some basic norms need to be maintained to keep the environment of the room decent and sober.

1.     Bullying users, fellow members from the staff panel is not appreciated, so please refrain from doing that.

2.     If you have been bullied, abused or harassed by any user, warn and take action. Please “DO NOT “ create a chaos which would discourage other user to stick by the room.

3.     We understand that you are bored but “DEMEANING” someone cannot be act of having pleasure.

4.     Here we should be a decency and modesty in language.

5.     Please refrain from venting out your personal grudge or rage on everyone.

6.     If you dislike someone, you know what to do, use ignore command, as we all know ignorance is bliss.

7.     Make people comfortable and help us to bloom together.

8.     Usage of language are meant be controlled; after all we are not from primitive lands.

9.     As part of panel staff, we believe in you not to misuse your power

10.  Please treat people like you to be treated

iRCPal User Guidelines

iRCpal practices safeguarding users to the highest possible standards, therefore we will never tolerate the following. Our services cannot be used for:

o Flooding

o Profanity

o Advertising & Marketing

o Harassment

o Sexual Harassment

o Abuse of any kind

o Spreading of fake news

o Religious and political hate speech

o Pornography

o Child Pornography

o Illegal activities

o Warez

o Fraud or fraudulent activities

We reserve the right to deny access to this server to anyone at any time without prior warning. Any information obtained by monitoring, reviewing or recording is subject to review by law enforcement organizations in connection with the investigation or prosecution of possible criminal activity on this system.

iRCPal OP Guidelines

o The whole point of Chat channels are that, they are totally free and therefore open to abuse.

o As an OP you have the right not to be harassed and/or face abuse.

o One of the best way to deal with online abuse is to follow the strategy of, don’t poke the beehive, let it be, they will get bored.

o We can not KICK/BAN people because they are from another channel, for past behavior and/or for any personal issue.

o As an OP you have be a strategic manipulator.

o If you do not get along with any user learn to ignore, or use the ignore command.

o We don’t want to be known for KICK/BAN.

o An OP is not just a Police, your also a Judge, Jury and an Executioner. So having power means, you have to be the bigger person.

o We know and see that there are a lot of politics going on and will go on, this is nature of the beast (IRC Channels). So don’t take things to heart.